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Jumping in at the deep end
September 23, 2009, 9:55 am
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The Big Draw which begins in October is nearly upon us. Many galleries, libraries, art studios, councils, clubs, colleges etc. from all over the country have been busy planning for many many months in order to put on an event to entice people who love art and those who don’t to have a go at it.

Big Mouth in her wisdom thought, “ooh!, that would be good to do, lets get involved”. 

When it was mentioned to The Head, he was more than overjoyed to have a Big Draw event take place, “Can we invite the village?”. Arghhhh! enthusiasm , it gets me every time.

So Saturday 1oth Oct is now booked, the Art Cabin will host a Big Draw event. The Dynamic Duo have less than 3 weeks to organise something.

At this point Big Mouth sighs, and makes  a very strong cup of tea!


Brainstorming and fudge brownies
September 11, 2009, 10:01 am
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The Dynamic Duo met this week for a brainstorming session, most importantly the tea was brewed and the chocolate fudge brownies arranged on a plate (not for long mind!). It’s the beginning of September and the next few weeks will see the Art Cabin go from an empty shell to a fairly well equipped art space with children wanting to do everything NOW. It’s all very very real! The prospect of having to come up with idea after idea is quite daunting…….. 

Yesterday Big Mouth sorted through the first delivery of  equipment, it will still be some weeks before we take delivery of the tables and stools. Anyhow, the Dynamic Duo will be busying themselves painting a bookcase, revamping the loo and designing an Art Cabin logo.

Some of the projects we have in mind include clock making, clay thumb pots, mosaic, puppet making, Batik, salt dough sculpture, printing and decoupage. It is also our aim to let the children use their imagination and just paint or draw, finding out for themselves what creating stuff means with no pressure attached. Bliss ……