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Art cabin gets busy
July 20, 2009, 8:44 am
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The art cabin was put to the test during ‘African week’ at the school. Big Mouth was really pleased to be able to take classes in the art cabin despite that it is not fully furnished.

With the old carpet removed, and a couple of dining tables placed in the studio, we were ready to road test it.

South African cave art was on the menu, after a brief intro, the children were asked to go out on to the field to forage for leaves, grass, broken flower heads (strictly no picking) which were used to help colour their cave paintings. Mud paint was mixed and sticks were used as applicators (brushes and paint were on standby too).

A lot of mess later and some ‘interesting’ cave designs were produced. Some children went on to paint warrior designs on tribal shields.

All in all it was a good trial run for the art cabin. Hopefully the new furniture/equipment will arrive in September, then the fun can really begin.

Big Mouth now intends to enjoy the summer break….. until September then my friends!