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Light at the end of the tunnel
June 12, 2009, 10:00 am
Filed under: Art Cabin

Big Mouth has been rather quiet recently. This is due to two reasons, firstly, not a lot had been moving forward on the art cabin front and secondly other projects that Big Mouth is involved in were taking up time.

Anyhow, the wheels are turning and the painting should be finished in the studio today, there is still some tiling to do. The Dynamic Duo calculated that £1500 would be needed to buy furniture and the first phase of art equipment. The order has been placed, but due to the long lead times when ordering tables and stools, we shall take delivery in September. Sadly the year six will not be able to take advantage of the facility, but should they wish to visit at a later date, they will be welcomed.

So once the painting has finished, the carpet can be ripped up, the floor scrubbed ready to take the delivery in September. The big question is, what are the kids going to be doing when it’s officially open?

Well, the Dynamic Duo hope to organise an art club, the school hope to finance artist in residence for visits, the teachers will be able to use the space for any lessons (which means they can use messy methods of teaching), outside organisations/individuals will have the opportunity to use the art space, and hopefully the school will forge strong links with the community – any other suggestions welcome!